Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Words that are the kiss of death

"Is that a SHRUG?" - not so bad.
"It's really cute - I like the color" - great compliment
"It looks homemade" - AAAAHHH!!!!

I know people at work know I knit, and the whole circular shrug phenomenon (dare I call it a phenomenon?) is hitting NJ hard...BUT one of my coworkers (who's leaving here to go to a competitor next week BTW) told me my circular shrug looks homemade...then she added..."but in a good way". Like that helps.

I must be PMSing, because normally this wouldn't bug me enough to post about it.

I haven't posted in a while, because work has not been fun, but in knitting knews (see, I've been working too much - everything's in outline form):

1. I am putting the finishing ribbing on Blackberry tonight, so there should be pics tomorrow or Thursday.

2. MNSS is still on the slow - the straight stockinette is really boring...

3. Colchique is on hold until the rest of my yarn comes in. I got about 4 inches (10 cm to you French knitters) from the 1 ball I had left of the Goddess. Thank goodness for the Goddess - I was dying to start this, and the gauge matched perfectly! Now...a waiting game...

4. Lastly (for now), this sweater! Who is in on a knitalong? It's another wonderful Phildar pattern. I bought the book (in French), but it's really easy translation! I also got the EXACT yarn, Phildar Quiteude in Kraft 101 on ebay for $19.99! Check out all the auctions that knit-n-tyme has. They sell a lot of yarn that's hard to find in the US on ebay, and the bids start really low.

Is it lunchtime yet?????


  1. EASY?? i know i should have started with that one. right now i'm working on the retro blue thing which is pattern 16. i think i'm losing my mind translating it and i just did a swatch and -too small. sigh. when i finish this sweater (in like 10 years) i'll definitely join the knitalong for the brown one. i need all the support i can get!

  2. I will definitely be in on this knitalong. I bought the book for that and a few other patterns, (including 16 but it is scaring me now). I translated pattern 30 but haven't really started it. My swatch was way to small and after all that translation, I needed a break! I think these Phildar beauties need lots of moral support.

  3. Julsey, is that in the same book as the Colchique Irlandais?
    I love the pattern and have lots of Jaeger shetland aran that knits to the same gauge - 80% wool 20% alpaca - and would be up for knitting it with you. My Irlandais is almost done.

  4. Goodness, that sweater is beautiful. I'd love to join a knitalong (although it will probably make me look like a cable-covered beer keg...but it looks like so much fun!)

    Great blog, btw!

  5. I can't believe she said that! WTF does that even mean?

    I'm loving that phildar sweater, you are tempting me...