Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Blogiversary to ME!

Did anyone think I fell off the planet?

Didja? Huh? Aw, come on, you know you did.

I bought a house and then I fell into the deep abyss.

Yup. That's exactly what happened.

I bought a house, turned 30 and fell into a deep cavern.

That too.

Since we last spoke, I bought a house, moved all my earthly belongings, got a pap smear, oil change, 2 pedicures, turned 30, moved into a new office...twice (with the same job), went to a few happy hours, painted primed a few two rooms, got a haircut, spent many weekends and weeknights at home depot, planned and hosted two housewarming parties, worked 12 hour days, said goodbye to 4 coworkers, hired a new team, developed a strategic plan for 2007, force fed my poor, sick CRF kitty, fought and made up with my dear, sweet husband and still had time to knit.

Ok, I lied about that last part.

For all you photo hounds, here is the wonderful package I received from my secret Knit Sock Kit Swap Pal, Sarah, from knot another hat.

In addition to the beautiful bag she sewed (tiny happy's shoulder bag), she included some Socks that Rock in County Clare (y'all know how long I've been after the STR!), a ball of Lana Grossa Fantasy, THREE sets of addis for magic loopin', some sour candies (already ate the jelly belly's!)...and not pictured is the 2007 Stitch & Bitch calendar! Thanks so much Sarah!

I'm really late shipping mine out to my KSKS pal, but she's on vacation...oh, wait, she's back now SHIT...It's done, no need to panic! You'll see pics once it's shipped and received!

I am slowly knitting away at my one-skein project...which I will reveal AFTER it's shipped.

As for the blogiversary...well. It's been ONE YEAR since I've been a peony. Almost one year since you've seen the Circular Shrug. It's time to knit another a better yarn (the original cost me $4 to make!)

My promises for this upcoming blog year: I will post more than 79 times. I will hang out with the Spiders more. I will not leave you hanging for months at a time wondering if I fell into some deep, dark hole somewhere...

I promise.