Thursday, April 27, 2006

There's a hole in my jaywalker...

...probably because I wear them every night to bed...

Good think knitty posted this tutorial for repairs.

I joined this KAL today (clickety)...

I'm excited to share and have one-derful yarn shared with me :)

Oh! and to my dear April Postcard Pal...I'm almost done! It should be in the mail tomorrow!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Earth Day!

When you think of Earth Day, what comes to mind? Socks? Yeah, me too. Green ones.

I finished Pomatomus the first! I haven't cast on for the 2nd yet...and I refuse to get SSS.
Socks 001
That's the view into my backyard, I mean driveway. See all the leaves and pollen that fell to the ground. Yeah, it's all over my car now, but who cares? It's raining. I like how the driveway is completely green, although not as green as Sundara yarn in seaweed. Yum. Socks 003
Have I mentioned this yarn is so unbelievable? Soft, dramatic color, and perfectly spun (not overspun, so that you have to untangle it...) Now you even can buy her spectacular superwash at Pure Knits.

Onto other sock-worthy news,
Socks 014
I received some knitterly goodies today! Knitpicks Sock Memories in Gladiolus and SweetGeorgia Speed Demon Sock in English Bay. I love the English Bay colorway so much that we're going to decorate the main bath in the new house in those colors. Ok, don't get too excited. We don't close until AT LEAST July, but the house is ours! YaY! Passed inspection and for a mortgage...

In other knitting knews, I joined Scout's Dye-O-Rama, in the "WTF am I doing?" group. Any other newbie dyers out there? Sorry, Marie - without you to guide me, I'm all up in the Kool-Aid...and I don't even know the flavor...
Also, decided i'm going to MSW! Hopefully, Bronxie, my Spider Pal will be able to join the fun! If you're going, head over to January One to sign up for the meetup! I can't wait to meet some new knit bloggers!

HAPPY 29+1 DEBBIE!! We love you!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Harlot + NJ = Crazy Delicious

Sorry this is 2 days delayed, but work has been crazy! Tuesday, the Yarn Harlot came to good ol' NJ! Karen, Pat and Evie (all blogless) from my office and I trekked over to the Rutherford Library to see her in action and to buy her new book Knitting Rules!

She told us a story of meeting her husband's high-profile, trendy colleagues, who would introduce her as "This is Stephanie. She's a knitter", and the awkward stares that would follow. However, it appears that since the sign out front refers to her as "Author and Knitter" that she has clearly made it into "author" standings. Congratulations Stephanie! You rock! There's nothing about knitting that should make you feel less cool than the cool kids!

I mean, seriously - this is Hardangervidda, her Knitting Olympics project. She knit this unbelievably complicated sweater in 16 days. That's So FREAKIN' Cool!

This event was also a social event for NJ knitbloggers! I met Jersey Knitter and her beautiful Sockapaloooza sock (no pics though - she's camera shy!). I also found, simply by reading other blogs, that also in attendance were Enchanting Juno, Annie Modesitt (and her daughter), Made by Ewe, Mary Beth Temple, Trek, Calling on Kahlo, and Forgetful Stitcher. I guess there are more of us in NJ than I thought! I hope the meet you all again some day soon - maybe at MSW?

Here is the Harlot taking a picture of me taking a picture of her...hope to see the other side of this photo (a not-so-subtle hint to the Harlot!)

Well, better get working on Grumpecue, Pomatomus and reading Knitting Rules!

Cheerio :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Knitters Connect Via Cherry Blossoms

It's SPRING in New Jersey. Yesterday DH and I went to Branch Brook Park to their annual Cherry Blossom Festival. It wasn't really a festival, but a lot of people walking around looking at the trees as they spring into bloom. (More photos here).

I even saw a couple taking pictures of a green sock still on the needles! I thought "I wonder if she's a knitblogger"...well, long story long, I left a comment on Mason-Dixon Knitting's blog (incorrectly, I might add!) about them coming to NJ for a book signing (umm...they're not), and I got an email from Ina from Jersey Knitter asking for more information on the signing. I then noticed on her blog a link to the park I was at yesterday, and a familiar green sock...

...IT WAS HER at the park! Small world this knitblogging community, huh? I was wrong about Mason-Dixon, but the Yarn Harlot IS coming to NJ tomorrow! So, if you're in the area, come on down to the Rutherford Library...but call first and make sure there will be a seat for you!

I'm bringing Pomatomus. Here it is after the first repeat. I've gotten a bit further since this photo was taken (yesterday!).

I'm using Sundara's superwash in "seaweed". This yarn is so dreamy. It's soft, perfectly spun (meaning I don't have to dangle the sock and untwist it every 5 minutes), and the colors are so amazing!

I also know you've been dying to see the progress on the Grumpecue...Well, here it is (CLOSE YOUR EYES DEB!) I really hope I can finish this before she gives birth! I have about a month, and this is so slow going! This is a project I DO have to untwist every 5 minutes...and since it's so large, I untwist the yarn, not the project.

Lastly, don't forget to check out the Spring Knitty. I don't think I'm going to knit anything this season. I'm just not impressed. My "to knit"queue is also way too long...

Buster and Niblet say...

just love us. we're cute. give us yarn to play with.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

2006 Knitalongs

Since there are still no worthwile pictures to post of any sort of progress, I thought I'd list the KAL's I joined! Thanks to Xavier Knits who updates the KAL blog!

Knitty's Pomatomus (I even cast on for this with my lovely Sundara superwash!)
Ferragamo Knit Bag (Craftster)
Sexy Knitters Club (duhhhhh!)
Knitty's Starsky (Yahoo Group)
Eunny's Deep V Argyle Vestalong (not on her list...but it should be!)

I catch up on my reading, but I've been a really lax post-er...with no knitting knews :(

Oh...OFF TOPIC! Does anyone who has a REAL blog belong to Myspace? Anyone over 21? Just curious - I have some friends who joined and want to know if it's possible to find someone other than college binge drinking frat boys to chat with...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Will the real stash please stand up?

Left to right, top to bottom.
(For larger sized photos, here is my Flickr photoset)

1. All the crap barely fit to post - acrylic baby yarn, etc
2. My vice - SOCK YARN!!! Vesper, Brooklyn Handspun, Sundara. Also in this photo...the coveted way too expensive Joseph Galler Pashmina.
3. Balls. Just Balls. Most of them left over from previous projects.
4. Rowan 4-ply cotton for Orangina, some cheap cotton and 4 skeins of KP Dye your own... enough for Starsky? (I may not even dye them!)
5. KP Merino Style for Eunny's Vest...still waiting for my asparagus...
6. Noro Silk Garden 205 (i think) for Lady E
7. Sundara was so nice I had to flash it twice!
8. DB Baby Cash...I bought it for Marilyn's NSS Cardi, and I think I'm gonna frog it for Green Gable. (I already got the pattern!)
9. Goddess Isabella for Colchique... will I ever get to her?
10. Skeins. Some old, some new...some left over...some blue!
11. Cashmere blend from frogged poncho...use? who knows!
12. DB Cotton cashmere...for Grumpecue, still WIP! ARGH!

It looks like I haven't done any knitting since Christmas...I stink. All I have done was successfully purchased sock yarn. Use it? NO! it looks prettier all skeined up and in a box.

Spring is coming, so the list is now (in this order):
- Finish Grumpecue. It is taking forever! Mail to Deb, since it won't get to her 2nd shower tomorrow.
- Finish orangina (April's pattern for SKC)
- Eunny's Vest
- Green Gable
- Starsky
- Yeah, and those gloves...haha!

Flashing My Stash...

Here you go!

Niblet says, "April Fool!"

Yous guys gotta hold yo' ho-ses till I take-a da pictyas! (said in my NJ Guido voice).