Sunday, February 04, 2007

Old blog, New blogger

Hi kids. Boy, Ive missed you :)

I'm sitting here in my bedroom of my own house, with my only kitty Niblet and my Deep-V Argyle WIP, wearing my Angelica watching the commercials on the super myself!

The more things change, the more they stay the same I guess.

The past few months have been really busy, but not knitting related. I've started knitting all of 3 items, and finished only one. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a mastectomy and is on chemo. I knit her Shedir, because she lost all her hair. She's doing well, and my parents are planning a trip to Italy next month.

My cat Buster passed away on Labor Day. He's buried in my backyard where he can safely rest comfortably in his favorite garden. Niblet is doing well. He really enjoys being an only kitty.

Furry is off with his boys tonight. I miss him...but I'd rather watch Prince sing his 20 year old songs with my cat than his friends :)

We have become completely obsessed with Guitar Hero II. I am a really big fan of The Beast and the Harlot and Psychobilly Freakout. Anyone ever heard of those songs?

I've been working on Lady Eleanor (who isn't or hasn't? Sheesh. way to jump on a bandwagon, huh?), and Eunny's Deep V Argyle Vest I bought yarn for over a year ago....with a twist. You'll have to stay tuned if you wanna see!

Please fill me in...what are the newest knitblogging trends? Any swaps worth joining? Now that I've reconnected with my blogger account, you will hear more from me.


  1. Welcome back!

    Trends: EVERYONE is knitting Fetching Wristwarmers, and the Lizard Ridge blankets (both Knitty) or both.

    Secret Pal 10 is taking sign-ups.

    The 2007 Knit a longs and swaps blog is up:

    (I'm doing February is for Finishing, Grey's Anatomy KAL AND Socktopia...which is super awesome)

    Hope I've helped catch you up to speed! Glad you're back!

  2. How YOU doin! Glad to see you're back. Hope everthing turns out for the best <3 You know I'm just an email away.

  3. Deborah at sns made a lizard ridge felted bag, very cool!

    SP10 has sign ups but I don't think I will join.

    I haven't done the lady elenaor yet.

    New project spectrum started up

  4. whoa! blast from the past! where have you been?! glad to see you're still alive :) KALs seem to be in. try making something from elizabeth zimmerman.. and try some fair isle! everyone's doing it.

  5. Great to see you, Juls! Best wishes for your mom - it sounds like it has been a hard time. Sorry to hear about your kitty too.

    In terms of blogs, its all about what you make it, girl ;) The new Project Spectrum just started if you are interested in joining that :)

  6. dude, welcome back!
    for all the ups and downs, you sound like you're doing great and everyone is at peace.
    i was hoping prince would sing "when doves cry." heh. that guy's still got it.
    dude, there's all kinds of stuff being knit up 'round the blog world. eunny's got some faboo stuff - the endpaper mitts, anemoi mittens, etc. fun colorwork. and i concur: zimmermania is so hot right now. haha.
    personally, i'm trying to inch away from knitting socks, but it's so darn hard whenever cookie puts out a new pattern in knitty.
    that, and i'm part of several different sock clubs: sundara (fabulous!), sweet sheep, and the STR sock club 2006 ended not too long ago. the STR one was definitely worth the money, but the next go-round they upped the price so i decided not to do the 2007 one. sock yarn in the mail every month...*sigh* nice problem to have, though.
    i guess it just depends on what you're into as a knitter.
    wow, this comment was a lot longer than expected...

  7. hon, i had no idea about your mom and i am so sorry to hear what you are going through. i wish her all the best (and i wish you all the best, too!)

    very glad to have you back. blogging trends? hmmm. colorwork and elizabeth zimmerman.

  8. Welcome back!
    Sorry to hear about your mother and your kitty, that's tough.
    Wish you all the best, looking forward to seeing more posts in the future!

  9. Its good to see you back. Sorry about your mom, my mom had breat cancer last year but is doing well. Peace to you and your mom.!

  10. My heart goes out to your mother and I am sorry about your kitty. I am sure he lived a wonderful life.

    Looking foreward to more.

  11. I am Joyce from Brazil and just want to say that I loved your blog and also want to thank you for sharing these beautiful things with all knitters! Thank you!
    Joyce Moreira

  12. welcome back to the blogsphere...I found your blog by way of your capelet....making plans to knit one up this coming spring

  13. welcome back to the blogsphere. :)

  14. congratulations on the new house, and sorry about the kitty. hopefully you'll have time to knit this summer as things calm down a little. my sister-in-law just knit an amazing sweater for her 14 month old. maybe one day i'll learn :)

  15. You are alive! Hope everything is still going well. Hope your mom is still doing good.
    Wish I could tell you what everyone is doing, I've been busy with the new baby : )

  16. Hi Julsey,
    I can't find your email address so I'm replying to you here. I didn't get gauge on my textured tunic, my gauge is 16 sts. All I did was go up a size(after a bit of math).