Monday, September 10, 2007

The internet is a mysterious thing

So, I've been searching the internet for fun and interesting things...but being the self-indulgent that I am, most of these things are me-centric.

Not sure if you remember, but over a year ago, I dyed some of my own yarn and sold it on my etsy shop (currently empty). I've bought some yarn to dye since, but haven't gotten around to it in a long time. Searching ravelry earlier, I found out where some of my yarn had got to, and some of the crazy patterns it made...I had no idea it was so, um...unusual...

This motivates me to get back to the dyepot.... Live & Learn, I guess!

Some of you may still be knitting the anthropologie-inspired capelet...If you haven't knitted it yet, and if you live in the San Diego area, this store is offering a class on how to knit it...I'm not posting this to endorse the class, nor do I really think you need to spend $30 to learn how to knit the shrug, but if you are a beginner knitter, and want to learn the basics, this may be a good way to start...Or you could just go here or here.

I'm also not quite sure why the capelet is considered intermediate skill level, and this crochet project is considered easy...

In knitting news, I'm 90% done with Wicked...So, if you see me at Rheinbeck, I will be wearing it (unless the weather doesn't get any cooler!)

I leave you with this vintage Sesame Street clip...Any child of the late 70's-early 80's would be afraid of this like I was (or think it's extremely hilarious). Let me know your favorite "H" words for crying out loud!


  1. oh, i'm all about the me-centric googling. nothing wrong with it. but how could sock yarn not like someone?

  2. Believe me, it was a long fight on my part to get it to like me. It was gifted to someone who loved it though, so call it a personality clash. :)

    I personally love the way your yarns knit up. So much so that I'm trying to find a non-sock project for the lone ball I have left. It's too pretty for feet.

  3. I would like to teach a class in your Anthropologie Capelet. Will you please contact me at JenKnitter AT gmail DOT com

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    I love Old School Sesame Street!

    You totally made my day.

  6. Hey Girl,

    Great with seeing an update. I asked bronxie about you the other day. Glad to see all is well in your world! I'll look for you at Rhinebeck.


  7. Thanks for the Shrug pattern......

  8. I like to google all sorts of things. Nothing wrong with it. You came up with all sorts of things.