Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Long Overdue Thank You Post

I've been so busy this week and haven't had a chance to post till tonight, but I wanted to say THANKS to a few lovely ladies for some great packages!

My Dye-O-Rama pal was Heather from Knittervention. This is a great package! In addition to the gorgeous Merlot Sky colorway she created with ProChem acid dyes, she included some of my favorite goodies, sour Skittles and raspberry sour Altoids, and a cute pencil case for storing DPNs. (Heather, did you know that my needle collection is stored in a really messy bag?!) Thanks so much Heather!

Gorgeous "Merlot Sky" colorway - purples, royal blue and a grey/blue

Contents of my D-O-R Package in all it's colorful and yummy glory!

I received my June package this week from my One Skein Secret Pal! In it was a skein of Wool in the Woods Swan in "Lottery". This is very different than the yarns I'm used to buying for myself. It's 82% rayon, 18% cotton, and really light and summery! Thanks secret One Skein Secret Pal!!!

Yummy Yarn in blues and greens!

Last, and certainly NOT least, is a little giftie I received from a lovely lady Rita (blogless, I think) who made my capelet pattern. She sent me some yummy chocolates from Harbor Sweets. Check out their website - everything is so beachy and summery! Thanks so much Rita!

Gifties 006

Gifties 007

Seashell-shaped Dark Chocolates! Yum!

I really need to get the capelet gallery up and running now! Send me your capelet photos!

Now for a new swap: I joined the Knit Sock Kit Swap! Can't wait :)


  1. Lots of lovely gifts - lucky you!

  2. wow, what a lucky week for you in the mail! :) lots of goodies.

  3. lovely packages.
    Long time since I've checked in. How goes it with the house acquisition?