Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Self Striping Wars

I think I'm in love with Star Wars. I don't know why, but after seeing Episode III, this weekend, Furry put on the original film (I refuse to call it Episode IV: A New Hope, I prefer "Guerra de las estrellas"). It ALL made sense for the FIRST TIME! Does anyone feel this way? I was only one year old when it came out, so I wasn't gung ho as a child, but now all the Empire vs Republic stuff makes sense!

I even bought the Cantina Band song on iTunes! It's so catchy...

Onto knitting content (ok, dyeing content!). I sent off my Dye-o-rama package yesterday! I hope she likes it!!!

Over the rainy weekend I tried my hand at self striping techniques. I don't have any pictures of the dining-room-chair method in action, as I think you've all seen that before.

But, I DO have pics of the colorway. This one is inspired by a purple, pink and green striped shirt I saw at a boutique in town.

Stripe-ed goodness! I'm so excited! My first striper! I used a mix of icing dyes and Fruity Punch koolaid (forest green: green icing dye, one packet lemonade kool aid, pinch of fruity punch kool aid, purple: blue icing dye and fruity punch koolaid, pink: 2 packets pink lemonade kool aid and a pinch of fruity punch koolaid) . This time I used the immersion technique rather than hand-painting. The superwash yarn literally sucked up the color so fast I had to make 2 dye batches for each color! I do see a strange little bit of stray green dye... that didn't mix properly, but I think I'm gonna keep this one.

Koolaid 101
A Closeup
Koolaid 109
A mini swatch on size 3s...just to test the striping. Obviously, on size 1s with the amount of st needed for a pair of socks, the stripes won't be as thick!

Oh, and there is another addition over at the etsy shop. One you will find strangely familiar...

FYI - I am knitting. I am working on Fad Classic, finishing the Pomatomus, the wrath-of-my-existence-Grumpecue and finished another Anthropologie Capelet this weekend. FO pics once I weave in ends.


  1. Oh. My. God. That's gorgeous!

  2. Nice! Very impressive striping.

  3. wow! you are a DYEING MACHINE!!

    keep it up :) each one looks better than the last!

  4. you are really becoming a dyeing expert. that's a lovely, lovely colorway.

  5. very pretty! i bought some wool the other day! going to de something soon!

  6. Psst. I just posted about my finished anthropologie capelet if you're interested :)


  7. That yarn is lovely! You are so good at that!!! Oh my! it really is great!

  8. The yarn looks great. And I agree about Star Wars......to now call the orginal Episode IV is silly. Besides George Lucas isn't the boss of me.....hmphf!

  9. Oh, I like your purple! I've been looking for a good combination of dyes to make purple, and I like yours! Thanks for posting.