Thursday, October 06, 2005

NYS Sheep and Wool is Coming!!!

It's a crazy day in the knitblogsphere! Everyone's abuzz about Rheinbeck! January One has started a meetup on 10/15, so if you're planning on going, here's the link. I'm dragging my poor mom, since Furry's doing something with his car and a track and high speeds...I don't want to know any more!

So, I've never been to NYSS&W, but I'm very excited to go to the spinning demonstrations. I've never spun nor have I been around anyone who spins, so this ought to be a blast. Plus (I hope) there will be some yummy yarns and roving to drool over...

MMM alpaca...


  1. Thanks for offering me a ride. The Adult School canceled their trip, but I signed up for the sticks and stitches bus trip. We should arrange to meet up. It would be nice to meet a younger knitter who lives in town.



  2. I'm going to Rhinebeck, too, and am also dragging my mother along. She's my favorite person to do stuff with on Saturdays, and even though she doesn't knit, I promised her fun people to meet (grin). Now I'm just hoping it doesn't rain--the forecast isn't looking promising, but if we all hope and pray hard enough, that should help . . . right??