Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sorry I missed you all yesterday :(

Ok, So I DID get to the NYS sheep and wool, but not till 2:30! Friday night was crazy, and I woke up just a wee bit tipsy yesterday...Then I had to FIND my cat...Buster hides and doesn't come when he's called, so I couldn't leave until he was in sight. Then, I picked up my mom, and off we went! Although she's not a knitter, she had a blast picking out colors of the hand dyed and natural colored mohair/silk blend called "Harmony" from Brooks Farm Yarn.

Sorry no pics yet - Furry has the digital camera...But I was able to take a phone shot of this cutey llama in the stables! LTL, knotties and nesties, LTL! Isn't he cute?

EDIT: while on the subject of llamas, here is a catchy tune you must listen to!

So, I give into the meme craze. This one's fun. do a google search for "(your name) needs". I was not aware I needed most of this stuff (PS, most of these are specifically for Julia Roberts!)

Julia needs to learn to let go.
Julia needs to find something to sell, give away, throw out or burn.
Julia needs a bad boy, not a saint.
Julia needs an adoptive family who will love her unconditionally and commit to her.
Julia needs to worry about leaving a legacy.
Julia needs a soy cappuccino and a mocha.
Julia needs those notes, but they're not a crutch.
Julia needs You.
Julia needs a devoted stud who’ll make her feel desirable again.
Julia needs the promotion and then we will all be happy to sit back and get on with talking about things that REALLY matter.
Julia needs an eye shade to get a good night's sleep.

I totally agree about that last one! Ha. Enjoy :)

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