Sunday, May 07, 2006

Maryland Sheep and Wool

I'm sure you've heard quite a bit about the fun we all had at Maryland this weekend...and yet, here is another account. Carrie came in from NYC on Saturday, and we made it a spidery outing. My Furry was kind enough to drive us down from NJ. On the way, we picked up his sister in Delaware so she could join the fun! We got there a bit late for Cara's meetup, so we didn't get to meet our spiderly friend Sandra, or Mama-E, or Trek to name a few I was hoping to run into), but I did get to meet both my March (Amanda Cathleen) and April (Suzanne) Project Spectrum Postcard Pals!! How ironic is that?
Suzanne, Me and Amanda Cathleen on the lawn
And what's a Project Spectrum meetup without its creator, Lolly? Here we are in front of the Brooks Farm tent (where else would we be?) I really love Brooks Farm. Can you tell? I got a few skeins of the Limited Edition 2 (can't even find it on their website) Even a natural one to dye...but not for Dye-O-Rama. (It's not sock yarn...sorry DOR pal!)After the shopping, we had to eat! (Ok, we ate before too...I didn't want you to see me pig out on corn dog AND cheese fries!) Here's furry chowing on his favorite...FUNNEL CAKE!! Ain't he so cute?
Mmmmmm.....Funnel Cake... (Ala Homer Simpson)
Then, once we were fed and watered (again), we watched the animals eat...Llamas and Alpacas, but surprisingly, we didn't take any pics of the sheep. Maybe it should become the Maryland Alpaca and Llama Festival?

On the way back, we knitted, slept, and sang to 80s hair bands...Sorry, no photographic representation of said tomfoolery. But here we are displaying our haul!

Carrie and I at the end of a long day!

It was great meeting you all! To be on a yarn diet till Rheinbeck!


  1. sigh, i really wish i'd bought that cherry tree hill yarn. i've been searching for it online, but to no avail.

    i had such a great time! guess that's why i look so darn sleepy.

  2. I love cinnamon colored alpacas!

  3. Crazy.. I was WITH lolly at Brooks Farm. Oh well... we'll meet. I promise!

  4. It was sooo cool to meet you!! Nice haul ; )

  5. I am still amazed at the chances of meeting BOTH of your postcard pals - That is so cool! It was such a pleasure to meet you, Julsey. Glad we got to chat for awhile - there will be another chance, I am sure! :) So glad you and Carrie made the trip down!!

    Best wishes,

  6. what a great hubby to drive you to a sheep and wool festival! :) looks like good times were had. i wish i could have gone with you!

  7. woooow, look at that! you bought quite a bit! sounds like you had a fantastic time. :) i bet you'll have even more fun knitting it all up! esp. the limited edition 2 brooks farm. how lucky you are!

  8. Nice! Good haul, love the 80's hair band singing, and funnel cake. Funnel Cake which I love once a year! I wish I could have been there. How is it compared to Rhinebeck? How long was the drive?

  9. Man, can't believe we missed each other!!! AGHHHH!!!

    Oh, well. There is always Rheinbeck. Hell, there is also the fact that we live in the same goddamn state. i'm sure we'll see each other before October. I hope we do, anyway. . .

    Nice haul, by the way. And kudos to your hubby for driving you two gals down there. I thought my boyfriend was the only one dumb, er, sweet enough to tag along to MSW. ;)