Monday, May 22, 2006

Fruity Goodness!

The house is full of the smells of fake fruit and Eucalan tonight, as I type with colored fingers. Finally, I had time and all the necessary materials for dye-o-rama! I'm in the WTF group, so I decided that kool aid was about my speed. Started yesterday, and I'm addicted! I'm nor sure anything I've done yet is worthy of my DOR pal...but, if you are reading this and like any of these colorways, please tell me!

Day 1, Sunday:
I ordered 2 skeins of 75% superwash merino/25% nylon from Beth at Socks That Fit. This yarn is a dream. It soaks up the dye so fast, the dye bath ran clean before microwaving! The red is two packets of fruit punch, and the green is arctic green apple. I call this one Watermelon. It's really the colors of the skin and fruit of a watermelon!

Buster watches patiently as the yarn swings from the rod...(heh, i said rod)

still wet, i couldn't wait to see it skeined up!

and a closeup!

twisted ala Purl Soho...


all dry and ready for the custom wrapper...

Day 2, Monday:
Today, I received a package from Marie with some "practice yarn" (AKA Knitpicks). I used lemonade, artic green apple and grape. The purple raaaaaaaannnnn....the yellow got overwhelmed by the marathon grape, but the green came out swimmingly. Compared to the superwash, this yarn don't stand a snowball's chance in hell at holding color! I call this one Tums. I think the colors stand for the candy flavored tablets I will need to chew after dyeing with Knitpicks!

Tum t-t-t- TUMS!!!

I had to go back to the superwash...couldn't end the night like here's one more: 4 packets of pink lemonade, 2 lemonade and 2 cherry. Aahh. Much better!

more swinging yarn!

Clockwise left to right: Watermelon, Rum from the Dominican Republic (Thanks Jess!), Tums, Sherbet.

More tomorrow! I didn't even get to tell you about my weekend, and that I met Monica at stix-n-stitches, where we had a bit of stash enhancement, started Fad Classic, Debbie had the baby and I'm still not done with Grumpecue!


  1. the purple (grape) didn't work for me either! it looked really gray, then it had large spots of blue...sigh

    albertson's had a sale on koolaid so i bouht like 30 packets! the lady looked at me weird when i told her what i was going to do with them

  2. I love that watermelon colorway. Very cute!

  3. look at all your custom yarn!! how fun! you must have been having a grand ole time making those :)

  4. YUMMMMMMM on the dyed yarn! That sherbet looks good enough to eat!

    Double YUMMMMMM on Rum from the Dominican Republic!

  5. I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I really did the watermelon - that came out GREAT!!

  7. DIG - I DIG the watermelon....dumb typo.

  8. They are all fantastic! I love them ALL!! From the picture it looks like where the purple and the yellow ran together it at least blended in to a nice color!
    You did a great job ; )

  9. Awesome dying! Watermelon came out very well ~ I love it! You are becoming a dying expert over there, aren't you?

  10. I'm still working on your dye-o-rama your blog shows, it definitely takes a few tries to acheive dyeing satisfaction! I promise yarn is coming your way soon....Your Dye-O-Rama Pal

  11. Oh my, those look yummy!!

  12. Thanks everyone! It's so much fun! To my Dye-o-rama sweat! Take your time! i can't wait to see your finished product :)

  13. Grape koolaid is bad news - so not purple, alas. Wilton's violet is no better - it separates and often gives you really weird effects.

    Isn't this fun?!