Friday, September 30, 2005

Applefest this Weekend!

I have never been happier that it's the weekend. Furry and I are going to Indigo Smoke - NJ's best Kansas City barbeque (huh?) for dinner...and Sunday's Applefest. To top it off, Furry is wearing the Manly Sweater from SnB I made him!

I love fall, couldn't be happier that it's 65 degrees, and can't wait to wear sweaters, jackets and my mini Clapotis pictured here.

I've been a blogging machine - although it's mostly behind the scenes. I added my flickr photoalbum, and today I figured out how to join, but I didn't figure out how to list my blog so others could join...That has something to do with site feed, but help me if I know how that works!

Also, here is some sleeve progress on Blackberry. I haven't gotten far, because I have been working on the NSS Cardi...No progress pics on that, though, since it still doesn't look like much. I haven't gotten to the part where I split the sleeves, and to be honest, I'm not really sure when to do that. I'll just keep trying it on till it fits! Click to enlarge. It's dinner time, check ya later!

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