Thursday, December 08, 2005

Finally, a Holiday FO...

I finished the Irish Hiking Scarf for Furry today. I'm happy to have one Christmas knitting project finished...but so many more to go!

Irish Hiking Scarf
Started: 11/19
Finished: 12/8
Yarn: Classic Elite Inca Alpaca in Kentucky Teal
Needles: Susan Bates size 7 circs
Dimensions: 58" long by 4.5" wide (unstretched)

So, in addition to the pile o' stuff I'm working on, I've decided to turn this:

into this:
Christmas stuff 023
Going into 2006, who needs a poncho? Ponchos are icky. These balls of merino/cashmere blend belong as Glampyre's Bulky Cabled Cardi, or some hats for gifts. The yarn is really black, the pics are deceiving. I liked the poncho last year, but I just can't bring myself to wear one (well I really can't now that it's frogged!)

Aahh the sweet release of Baaaad knitting projects....
Up next:
Remainder of the clap for SIL
Most of the Lace Lead Scarf for Mom
Hats a plenty for the boys
and a scarf (I can't seem to load the pics) for my time I guess.


  1. Your Irish Hiking Scarf is lovely, and the colorway shows the pattern perfectly.

  2. Beautiful job as always! The scarf looks great. I have many christmas knitting gifts to get cracking on. At the last minute I decided to knit things for (pretty much) everyone I know! Good luck during crunch time!

  3. Holy knitting batman! I have never seen anything like this. Your work is meticulous and vouluminous!

  4. the hiking scarf looks great! and good move on frogging the poncho --i know a beginning knitter who spent a year working on a poncho, and by the time she finished, she hated them. they just add too much bulk.

    good luck with the christmas knitting!

  5. The scarf is beautiful.

    I don't envy your long Christmas to-knit list list. Good luck!

  6. great scarf, and ponchos ARE icky! ^_^ i'm totally off to make your anthologie inspired shrug capelet pattern.

  7. That scarf is really lovely! Great job on it too --also saw that amazing Clapotis towards the bottom. Those colors are breathtaking. I had never thought about Noro for the Clap. I like that idea! ;)

  8. Great IHS - I'm too lazy to type it all out! Welcome to the Spiders! I hope you make it to the Point one of these fridays.