Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Camera's Going on Vacation for the Holidays

This will be my last post with digital photos taken of my holiday knitting, or anything else for that matter until after the new year. My camera is going to Cambodia! Unfortunately, I'm not going to Cambodia...but my wonderful husband is lending our digi to a friend. So if you lucky readers are, well, may get to see the beautiful Asian countryside in '06.

Now, onto the knitting content.

I'm still considerably overwhelmed by the pile of still unfinished holiday knitting, but here's a start. I have succeeded in turning this hat:

Into THIS hat:See the difference? Whadda ya mean no? I added a flip-up brim (like a flip-top head!) for my MIL. I like it better this way, I think I may make all my hats with a flip-up brim!

I'm also just beginning the Snowflake Illusion Scarf to go with the hat - or a version of it in Debbie Bliss alpaca silk. Yum.

Here we have the mini clapo-twins. The one on the left is the one I made for myself with Diaketo Diamusee. The one on the right in Noro Kureyon is blocking, and will be packaged up tomorrow for my SIL. The Diaketo is a lighter, slightly softer yarn than the Kureyon, but the colors in the Noro are a bit more predictable, and the stripes are wider. Like em both, though I do.

For all you Vesper junkies, I still have not attempted the illustrious art of knitting socks, but instead decided to use one of my skeins to tackle a pair of gloves for my fiend Jess (hi Jess!) Not mittens, or wrist warmers, or fingerless gloves, but GLOVES! Here's some progress. 6.5 fingers left to go...Although Vesper is self striping, if left to its own devices, the fingers would be solid orange. So I needed to do a bit of cut-and-paste to equalize the stripes on the fingers...Ok it's not perfect, but I'm proud, since I loathed DPNs before I started this, and now I feel quite adept at juggling 4 needles at once. Progress takes practice.

Well, that's the show and tell part of this program. I'll be here, but in words alone until the 1st of the year!


  1. Your glove looks great, I love the colors!

  2. So many wonderful projects and yarns! I love the scarf colors and the vesper.

  3. i love your mini clapotis!!! gorgeous colors!! i hope that you can stop by the point sometime soon and meet the spiders. we're all very nice and are not poisonous like some other spiders in this world ;)

  4. The snowflake scarf looks so cool! Nice job on the gloves, not many knitters are so adventerous. Is fingerless more hip, or are we just plain lazy?

  5. I love those gloves - I'm going to have to give that a try someday soon! Hope your camera has a great time in Cambodia.

  6. cool stuff! hey can you post a picture or two of cambodia, and then narrate them as if you were there? i guess that's not really what the blog is about though :)

  7. i love those scarves (idk the plural for clapotis :-P) but i was wondering, how many balls of kureyon did the mini size take?

  8. ooo those gloves are sooo cute, are you sure you are going to be able to part with them?