Friday, December 30, 2005

A little game of holiday catch-up!

Wow, I haven't posted since before Christmas! It was such a busy week! I am happy to say that I have completed many projects in the past week, and have a whole lot more on the way. Here's my photographic account of the holiday - mostly knitting (so as not to bore anyone with too much plot, we'll get straight to the action scenes):

FOs - hats: Black cashmere Irish Walking Hat For Furry's cousin, made from old poncho.
And this one - Hothead from SNB made with Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande for Uncle Nick (I made the same one in green for my dad, but didn't have time to photograph it!)

FOs: Scarves

This is the finished (pre-blocked) snowflake illusion scarf in DB Alpaca Silk for my MIL. She is so excited to wear it so she can ask everyone she knows if they can see the snowflakes...hee hee!

You've all seen the pics of the Noro Crapotee for my SIL, so I'm not reposting them now :)

Here's the finished lace leaf scarf from VK for mom with Brooks Farm Harmony. I worked on it until 3am Christmas Eve (and STILL didn't finish in time!) - here's proof...

I'm knitting at Christmas Eve dinner at Furry's aunt's house while opening presents with my MIL **and, no I'm not flipping off the to blow up photo**

BTW - if you noticed, they do have WAYYYY too many teddy bears:

One even attacked my FIL!

Christmas day, I cooked for 8 people, and well, didn't have time to take any pics except this one: DESSERT. Click to see the details of all the yummy desserts. I'm so proud! More later!
Christmas stuff 060

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