Sunday, December 04, 2005

Holiday Knitting and our Tree!

Can you believe it? We have a Christmas tree already! Here's a tutorial on how to make one of your own:

Take one green tree (species unknown),
Tree Before

add some cartoon characters who wanna party,
Christmas stuff

and you get one big happy Christmas tree!
Christmas stuff 010
Then it fell over. Oh well onto knitting content!

So, 21 days left till Christmas and no FO's yet to speak of! Here's the progress on the mini Noro Crapotee for my SIL:
Christmas stuff 014

And a closeup. Noro CrapoteeI can't wait to finish MANY of you know, this pattern isn't very enthralling. Add that it's my second one, and the ho-hum factor is doubled. At least the yarn keeps me on my toes - the variegations are so unpredictable that it's keeping me from wrapping this one in a pretty gold box while it's still on the needles!

I'm going to borrow a technique from blogger Fig and Plum. STASH BOXES!!! Click and ye shall find more details on the yarn allotted for Christmas knitting and other unidentified projects.
Stash Box #1 Stash Box #2
Oh well, back to knitting or I'll never finish anything!



  1. I have a plastic 5 feet tall X'mas tree, but I am lazy to take it out and decorate it.

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  2. Your tree looks great and I love the colors on the scarf! Keep up the good work!

  3. dude...that was so funny. i was reading your blog, and then when you wrote so simply "then it fell over," i couldn't stop laughing!!!
    the colors on that crap-o-tee are great! imma hafta look for that one next time i go to the LYS...or just put it on my list of yarn-to-buy-eventually-when-i-pay-down-my-credit-card-after-the-holidays-are-over. yeah...

  4. The tree is so nice, did you get it back up after it fell over, it sounded so funny they way you just calmly said "then it fell over". the noro yarn looks great.

  5. VESPER? You lucky devil! I've been dying to get some of that but it's all sold out all the time! Can you knit that up immediately please? ;) Can't wait to see your pashmina pouches!

  6. sweet tree! glad no one got hurt. i'm going out tomorrow to get ours, can't wait for that fresh pine smell. much better than socks and old laundry

  7. I knit a clapotis awhile back and considered striped yarn but thought it wouldn't look good - BOY WAS I WRONG!! Yours looks beautiful!!! What yarn did you use?? It's gorgeous.