Sunday, January 22, 2006

Baby Weekend!

Did anyone miss me lately????

I've been the world's worst blogger, and I did not even knit ONE STITCH this weekend! I spent a lot of time with babies instead. I'm not sure that one is a replacement for the other.

Friday we spent the evening at our friends' house with their 2 year old who speaks 3 languages...and knows who to speak to in which language! WTF?

Sat, we looked at 5 houses. Two of them had families who were home, and had VERY young children. One guy was even changing his baby while we wandered through his closets, stared at his comic books, bobble heads and patent for a new card game. (Again WTF?)

Today, I went to brunch with the NJ Nesties. Here are just a few of them. Drew and Gracie will like totally get together when they're older...well, at least we hope they do!

Drew and Gracie...sitting in a tree...well, you know the rest!

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