Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ho-slappin' N Knitalongs

I just found the funniest website:


It will gangsta-ize anything you search for...so I plugged in my blog address...Remember a few weeks ago when I said I was going to take on socks for the first time, well this is what I should have said:

I'm a mutha fuckin 2-time felon! FINALLY in tha dogg pound. Gett'n over tha fear of socks. And smizzay needles . Nigga get shut up or get wet up!

Well I'lll be...

Knitting content to come, I swear!


  1. LOL Hello Kitty Planners Rule (a sentence from my blog) became "Hello K-I-Double-Tizzy Shot Calla Rule!" WTH? LOL

  2. Hey I just randomly stopped by your site from a link at Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics list...
    I'll be down loading your free pattern for the anthropologie capelet! I have that in my "inspiration" pile as something I wanted to sit down and figure out! So cool!

    ps. love the gangsta-talk. How funny!