Saturday, January 07, 2006

Jaywalker Disaster

No pics today. Frogged the heel gussets...for some reason I started out with the right number of stitches on needles 1 & 4, but after a while, I wound up with 18 on one and 21 on the other!

Also - have a small hole after picking up stitches on the second side...any suggestions on how to alleviate this?

Otherwise, sad sad sad.


  1. Hello. :) I just started reading your blog.

    I have read that if you need to, pick up a few more stitches then the instructions call for. That will help the hole problem. Of course, you would need to do a few more rows of decreasing then the instructions call for as well.

  2. Ugh! Sorry you had to frog. I had to do the same but mine was a dropped stitch next to the DD so there was no way to salvage it.

    As far as the hole goes I noticed that I had one too (before frogging) so on my second attempt I tried to make sure that I picked up stitches really evenly. So there would be less space for a hole to happen.

    Tammy's idea is probably a lot better but mine did work for me!

    Chin up & good luck! I know if I can finish one, you can finish one!

  3. The hole is always on the 2nd side!

    My solution, if it helps you, is this. (If you're following a basic heel and gusset pattern, hopefully this will make sense. One where after picking up your gusset stitches, you begin decreasing on that first round.)

    After picking up your stitches and rearranging them, keep your crochet hook handy. Knit down the first side of the gusset to your last three stitches. Knit your two together, knit one. Move to the next needle and knit across. When you get to the last needle, (the spot where the hole always appears), take your crochet hook and pick up an extra stitch along the gusset - pretend you'd forgotten to pick up a stitch on that side before, and now you're picking it up and sliding it on the front of needle 3 before you even begin. Then, rather than "knit 1, SSK", "SSK, SSK".

    From there go on carry on as you normally would. It's just for that one round, in that one spot. You've probably noticed that the yarn is always loose there too. This is the only solution I've come up with that works for me, and it isn't noticeable on the finished work.

    I hope that helps!

  4. how about picking them up the grumperina way? that's what I did for my jaywalkers and there were no holes in sight

  5. ugh, I've had to frog twice already for similiar reasons. I'm still trying though :-D

  6. when i pick up my stitches, on the second round i knit through the back of the loop to twist the stitch. it's the first row so you can't really see it. ^_^

  7. Be sure to pick up one last stitch that is not on the heelflap but through the center of the first stitch on the body of the sock. If that doesn't work bring your sock down to Modern Knits on Church St in Montclair this Sunday. This is not a shameless plug, I just wanted you to come down in the hopes of meeting you. You were very kind to offer me a ride to Rhinebeck. I'm invovled with the Essex County spinning guild and were giving a demonstration at the shop. Hope to see you there. Cheers, E

  8. suggestion - vodka mixed with triple sec, cranberry and lime juice. sorry not much help from me.

  9. They were cool, I'm just shy :)

  10. found your site thru stay at home mom!!!! love your patterns, thanks, hope to try one of them after the olympics. what a great job.