Thursday, March 02, 2006

Catching Up

Helooooo faithful blog readers! I haven't posted in a while, but I've been reading a lot of your here's the news according to me!

No knitting updates since Angelica. I've been working on a new pair of Jaywalkers for Mom, and the Grumpecue...but no pictures yet.

I just ordered some of this beautiful sock yarn from the Secret Dyer, Sundara Yarn...No longer a secret! YAY!

Oh...and here's my gold medal for finishing Angelica!

I wore her to work yesterday, and I finally heard from a coworker, "that's a nice sweater". I'm used to the "did you make that?" comment, and yes, got about 15 of those...but finally, finally someone complimented the sweater, not the talent of the sweater-maker. I should be happy regardless, but too many people know I knit! I can come into the office in a Banana Republic sweater and I'll be asked if I made it. I guess I should consider that a compliment...But I don't.

I have some great pics from my weekend in Mass. My friend Deb painted her baby's room like the back cover of "Where the Wild Things Are". I can't seem to get the pics off my camera, so you'll have to wait for those...BUT! I noticed a recurrent theme of on-the-fly photos that my cameraphone seems to enjoy...


Dave enjoying his "Magic Apple" Jess enjoying her GIANT Matzo Ball

Hee hee!

Edit: I forgot to add that I must make the modified version of Forecast and Starsky very soon. And, Furry, if you're reading...I think I need this knitting bag by Jordana Paige (the designer of the latter "this") for my birthday, or Easter... The spiders will be more likely to see me in public if I have something other than a ShopRite bag to carry my knitting in!


  1. I ordered some of her yarn also in black lagoon. She hasn't gotten back to me yet though.

  2. We have the same taste in knits apparently. First Phildar #20. Now, Forecast and Starsky. I am also thinking of making them but trying to finish the projects on hand first.

  3. thats a large ball.

    nice olympics project, too :)

  4. Holy cow that is some maztah ball!!!

    And the colors on your sock yarn are AMAZING!

  5. I am loving that sock yarn!
    Great pick!

  6. I was just looking at yarn on Sundara's new site. I love the coloway you chose! Congrats on the gold medal - a job well done! Angelica looks fantastic on you. That is the biggest matzo ball I have ever seen.

  7. I think I need some of that sundara yarn... it's absolutely gorgeous! First, I must hunt for a project that could showcase such a wonderful fiber!