Monday, March 06, 2006

Enamored with Grumperina

I just realized something...I have been knitting three of Grumperina's patterns at the same time! Kathy really has an eye for texture in her patterns, and I think that's what I've been craving in my knitting. Here's some progress on my second pair of jaywalkers - this one will go to my mom (eventually). It's the "Spring Chicken" colorway of my Spiders' handpainted!

And Odessa...this was such a quick knit - I started it when Furry was napping on Saturday, and finished in the car on the way to Avenue Q yesterday (which if you haven't really should - so funny!) This was knit up with one ball of Rowan Wool Cotton on (get this): size 3s for the ribbing, size 6 for the "body" and 2 size 5 DPNs and my 16" 6 circs for the that's improvising! Yay - completed my Project Spectrum Project for March!

What's the third Grumperina knit you ask? will go in this room some day soon! This is the future nursery of my friends Deb and Dave - they're expecting a boy and he's due in May!

In case this scene looks slightly familiar, but you can't really place it...let Maurice Sendak lend a hand... here's the back cover. Still don't get it? Click on the photo...

Oh, and I can't forget to tell you about the wonderful yarn I got from Sundara today! It's her sock yarn in colorway seaweed. It's so bright and green - and the superwash is SOOOO soft! I was thinking of Pomatomus...Any other suggestions?


  1. i love that nursery! so whimsical!

    i, too, was drawn to the seaweed. such a great shade.

  2. That nursery is so beautiful - I want a mural like that on my bedroom wall. Lucky baby ;)

    Lovely Odessa - when do we get to see the whole thing? Two Project Spectrum participants made your adapted capelet pattern for their red/pink project-the pics are on the Flickr group if you wanna see. I am pretty sure I need one of these too...

  3. Hey! I saw that you signed up for the Argyle Vest knit along!! I did too - I'm just waiting to hear that I'm in! I think I'm going to order some merino style too... just trying to figure out my colors. We'll be in it together!

    I wish the Sundara yarn weren't so expensive - I'd love to try her silk/merino DK for the argyle vest, but that'd end up making a $200 sweater!

  4. What a gorgeous nursey. Can't wait to see all the projects when they are done.

  5. What cute murals! You put me to shame - my knitting has slowed to a crawl! That yarn is delish she has a great eye for color. Oh I never did get a chance to tell you that your angelica looks amazing - congrats!

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