Tuesday, March 14, 2006

House Hunting

I can't believe March is half over already. We've officially been house hunting for 4 months. It's a long and arduous process of rushing through a house, going home to think about it some, then calling or emailing the realtor for next steps. Most often we're not interested. 40-odd houses in 4 months. Today, we went back to a house for the 2nd time. The only other time we did this was in December when we put an offer out. And lost it. Today, right before our trip to potential-house-candidate #2, I found out that the house we didn't get sold for $5k LESS than we offered...WHY??? Just when I was beginning to understand the market, I get thrown this wrench. What does this mean??? I shouldn't care - move forward. Not back. Don't think about what you can't have only what you can. So...keep you posted if we offer on house #2.

For now - KNITTING! Yesterday, I came home to 2 packages and a postcard!
Project Spectrum Postcard
It's for the Project Spectrum Postcard Swap! Thank you my darling Postcard Pal! it's beautiful! Yours will be out later in the week...it's been tre busy at chez Peony this week!

I also got my Silk Garden from Hot Designer Yarns at ebay! So excited to start Lady E, but that won't happen for a Y-L. A LOOOONG Y-L. Hmmmm. Pink and Red. I think this qualifies for Project Spectrum, whadda ya think?
Silk Garden 1
I also got the first half of my knitpicks order...
The petal (pink) merino style is 1/2 of the necessary yarn for Eunny's Deep V Argyle Vest. The other 1/2 is asparagus green, and is on backorder until 4/7. Boo! Hiss! I am excited though, because Kathy Ruth and Eunny have both used these colors...and they look FABOO together, and so spring-y! Now...to start swatching in (2 handed?) fair isle...but not just yet.

Must. Finish. Grumpecue. Due for the shower on 3/26. I don't have a whole lot of time! AAAAHHHH! Only 33% done. I don't even want to figure out how long it will take me at this speed...I'm further than the photo now, but not much. Any advice on how to knit faster? PLEEEASE??? Sorry for the cryptic photo...babymama may be peeking :)
Grumpecue 8


  1. Good luck with the house hunting. I'm not experienced with that..i'm still in the dorms. But the Noro...ohh man I want to work with some of that. I loved the colorway you choose. Beautiful !

  2. wow, look at all that lovely yarn.. i'm so drooling.

    good luck house hunting! i know what a pain that is. just keep at it!

  3. That is a lot of yarn! I have to admit that I never get tired of Lady Es... Noro yarns are always such a surprise, you just have to keep on knitting to see what you're going to end up with. Have fun with the argyle vest!

  4. grumpecue looks great! love the primary colors.

    can't wait to see your eunny vest. it's so so lovely.

    i have no house hunting advice. i'll never own property. : (

  5. so many beautiful projects! we had a similar experience when we bought our current house -- except we were the ones who made the lower offer. sometimes sellers look at more than just price. we had a larger down payment amount. i guess that is looked at as a more secure offer. less chance financing will fall through. good luck with your search! we've lost out on a couple of houses but something better was around the corner. when you find the place that's meant for you you will be so glad you didn't get the other house!

  6. How sad - I am *literally* drooling as well. Love Grumpecute. I totally want it, even if I don't know what it is!

  7. Hang in there ~ we apartment hunted for a year and were outbid 8 times. When it happens, it will be right. Just get out there and keep looking! Spring is a great time for it.

  8. hey Juls,
    so, lets see the Orange Orangina.
    re the house: coupla things might have happened: the other offer may have been cash - guaranteed to close without financing hitches; or the other offer may have fallen through and they had to put it back on market again. Unless your realtor let you know about it, you wouldn't necesarily have been aware of an offer falling apart - but it happens all the time. Deals fall apart on inspection, on financing, sometimes people just change their minds. Sometimes, depending on location and market conditions, a house sells for more than it will appraise at - then an adjustment needs to be made - either the seller comes down in price or the buyer comes up with the difference in cash. (I ran the closing dept in a real estate office for several years).
    so did you see that I put up two pics early today on what somewhat cowl looks like worn by real people who've knit them - without being on someone who's stick thin and a camera angle that is over the shoulder? Two people got upset that I was using other peoples pics, so I took the entry down - but I'll tell you, I think it is an unflattering knit. I was complementary - saying both looked to be knit beautifully - but whatever. I thought since there are 200 people in this 'club' it sure would be nice if most of them had a real idea what the neckline is going to look like.

    Sounds like you have a lot on that knitting plate girl. My colchique is due to be fini soon... LOL

  9. I got my knitpicks in the mail yesterday - I'm so excited to start swatching for the Argyle Vest! Yay!

  10. Sending good house hunting, offer accepting vibes your way!!!

    And I am of course drooling over all that Noro.

  11. House hunting is the most stressful thing I have ever done... even moreso than childbirth and infant colic, so I completely sympathize with how you are feeling right now. I'm sending good thoughts your way... try to believe that the perfect house will work out!

  12. Holy cow, i love that noro colorway. Gorgeousness!
    Best of luck with the house hunting, Julsey!

    Great postcard too!!

  13. Ooh, lots of lovely yarn shopping.

    I wish you luck with your house hunting.

  14. Sorry to hear about the house hunting trials - I know how frustrating that process can be.

    Cant wait to see the mystery project, I love the cryptic photo.

  15. mmmmmm, Look at all that fibery goodness! Glad that you got your postcard safe and sound! Can't wait to see mine : D
    Good luck with the house hunting!

  16. Oh the yarn booty! I'm so jealous.

    And you totally convinced me to brave the jaywalkers. I will be pestering you if I get confused, though, be thee warned.

    (I talk like a pirate after 1am)