Monday, April 10, 2006

Knitters Connect Via Cherry Blossoms

It's SPRING in New Jersey. Yesterday DH and I went to Branch Brook Park to their annual Cherry Blossom Festival. It wasn't really a festival, but a lot of people walking around looking at the trees as they spring into bloom. (More photos here).

I even saw a couple taking pictures of a green sock still on the needles! I thought "I wonder if she's a knitblogger"...well, long story long, I left a comment on Mason-Dixon Knitting's blog (incorrectly, I might add!) about them coming to NJ for a book signing (umm...they're not), and I got an email from Ina from Jersey Knitter asking for more information on the signing. I then noticed on her blog a link to the park I was at yesterday, and a familiar green sock...

...IT WAS HER at the park! Small world this knitblogging community, huh? I was wrong about Mason-Dixon, but the Yarn Harlot IS coming to NJ tomorrow! So, if you're in the area, come on down to the Rutherford Library...but call first and make sure there will be a seat for you!

I'm bringing Pomatomus. Here it is after the first repeat. I've gotten a bit further since this photo was taken (yesterday!).

I'm using Sundara's superwash in "seaweed". This yarn is so dreamy. It's soft, perfectly spun (meaning I don't have to dangle the sock and untwist it every 5 minutes), and the colors are so amazing!

I also know you've been dying to see the progress on the Grumpecue...Well, here it is (CLOSE YOUR EYES DEB!) I really hope I can finish this before she gives birth! I have about a month, and this is so slow going! This is a project I DO have to untwist every 5 minutes...and since it's so large, I untwist the yarn, not the project.

Lastly, don't forget to check out the Spring Knitty. I don't think I'm going to knit anything this season. I'm just not impressed. My "to knit"queue is also way too long...

Buster and Niblet say...

just love us. we're cute. give us yarn to play with.


  1. oh my god!!! look at grumpecue!! i'm so impressed. it seems like it would be tedious and difficult but you make it look easy, just like grumperina!

    love the sundara yarn! i have to get some :)

  2. *waving hi* What a great way to connect!

    FYI, Cherry Blossum Festival events run pretty much through all of April to catch early, peak, and late bloom. What you saw is just early bloom - peak bloom is even more wonderful. The festival-y part of the festival, with entertainment, exhibits, demonstrations, food, and when half the park drive is closed to cars, is usually next Sunday to coincide with peak bloom, but that's Easter, so it's April 23 this year.

  3. Great pictures! isn't this knitblogger thing something else? That sundara is a talented woman - her yarn is lovely. I'm going to have to snag some myself as well!

  4. wooooooooow...lovin' the grumpecue. i'm leaning more in that direction for my roomie's baby's blanket....ah!
    cherry jealous. i want to see some live and in person some day. not going to happen in this tropical climate...
    and look at that yarn! i can never nab any before it's sold out (multi colored ones, anyway). lucky you! your socks look awesome! :)
    have a great day!

  5. Yeah, Cherry Blossoms! I was enjoying them here a couple weeks ago.

    Your knitting is fantastic! I love the grumpecue - very impressive!

    And you kitties are *very* cute. They'd make nice buddies for my kitties, kuba and oliver.

  6. Hey! Just saw on the list that you will be in for Sheep and Wool - hope we run into each other ;)

    Love the sock!

  7. go grumpecue! GO! I would most defiantly give your kitties yarn, how could you say now to two cute little faces like that? : D