Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Earth Day!

When you think of Earth Day, what comes to mind? Socks? Yeah, me too. Green ones.

I finished Pomatomus the first! I haven't cast on for the 2nd yet...and I refuse to get SSS.
Socks 001
That's the view into my backyard, I mean driveway. See all the leaves and pollen that fell to the ground. Yeah, it's all over my car now, but who cares? It's raining. I like how the driveway is completely green, although not as green as Sundara yarn in seaweed. Yum. Socks 003
Have I mentioned this yarn is so unbelievable? Soft, dramatic color, and perfectly spun (not overspun, so that you have to untangle it...) Now you even can buy her spectacular superwash at Pure Knits.

Onto other sock-worthy news,
Socks 014
I received some knitterly goodies today! Knitpicks Sock Memories in Gladiolus and SweetGeorgia Speed Demon Sock in English Bay. I love the English Bay colorway so much that we're going to decorate the main bath in the new house in those colors. Ok, don't get too excited. We don't close until AT LEAST July, but the house is ours! YaY! Passed inspection and for a mortgage...

In other knitting knews, I joined Scout's Dye-O-Rama, in the "WTF am I doing?" group. Any other newbie dyers out there? Sorry, Marie - without you to guide me, I'm all up in the Kool-Aid...and I don't even know the flavor...
Also, decided i'm going to MSW! Hopefully, Bronxie, my Spider Pal will be able to join the fun! If you're going, head over to January One to sign up for the meetup! I can't wait to meet some new knit bloggers!

HAPPY 29+1 DEBBIE!! We love you!


  1. Congrats on finishing a Pomatomus! That's quite an accomplishment. Your new sock yarns look yummy too.

  2. I joined the Dye o Rama too, also in the WTF group. Maybe we'll get each other so no one is stuck with our sub-standard yarn ; ).

  3. The sock looks fantastic! I definitely need some of that Sundara stuff... add it to my list of Brooklyn Handspun and Vesper to buy. Have you gotten your Knit Picks Merino style for the argyle vest yet??

  4. your sock is so pretty! and your purchases are so pretty!! ;)

  5. dig the pomatomus! lovely colorway. and i dig that you are designing a bathroom around yarn. too cool.

  6. Yum! I am a fairly newbie sock knitter buyt Potamus is definitely what I am working owards.... they will be mine...

  7. Oh that's a gorgeous Pomatomus or however you spell it. I've got that one on my to do list and yours is definitely inspiring!

  8. Your Pomatomus looks amazing. And that yarn looks perfectly yummy! Congrats and get to castin' on that 2nd sock to save yourself from any seduction by your new yarn!

  9. So, I pretty much love your socks. A little random this is.
    Are socks hard to make? I've been contemplating it...