Thursday, November 03, 2005

Blackberry c'est fini and the 2 French girls are Phriends

I must appear to be all knitting, all the time...but really it's the only thing I enjoy sharing with the world. You don't care to listen to my day about attending lectures on chemotherapy research in I'll cut to the chase (see I got to vent anyway!) Blackberry is done! Ok, so I still need to weave in the ends, so I can't really wear it yet. I'm not gonna do that "started on" "finished on" thing...cuz I don't measure my projects in time it takes me to do them...or I'd be really depressed about just how slow a knitter I am. I will give the stats though:

6 balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino superchunky in Grape on size 10 1/2 needles. Mods I made:

  • The WHOLE thing is in stockinette stitch, vs reverse.
  • Kept the cables and skipped the bumpy bobbles.
  • Shortened the sleeves to 3/4 length (I may lengthen them a bit...if I can find 10 1/2 DPNs)
  • I did a whole lot of extra ribbing, because, well, even after immense blocking, the pieces were still not quite the right height. My row gague was off, but I figured...ahh F* it! I'll just do lots of ribbing. And that's exactly what I did :)
I am not really sure Blackberry's going to get much wear - it's actually kind of tight. And, in true shrug style, it shows off my "assets". In other words, my GUT. Why, oh why do I insist on knitting shrugs?

That brings me to the next topic. When one door closes, another opens (how do you say door in French?) I'm going to call Colchique and Tendances "the sisters", since I'm working on them both together.Smilarities between the sisters:

  1. Neither is a shrug. (read as "both will cover my gut".)
  2. Both are wonderful Phildar patterns with KALs and French speaking knitters to help us translate them.
  3. They love to be photographed together
  4. Cats love them.
  5. Furry loves them.
  6. I want to leave work on time to knit them.

There, now I feel better.



  1. Your Blackberry turned out so great!

  2. I love your Blackberry! The color is gorgeous and it looks like a good fit. I stopped this one becuase of the hugeness of it, but your mods are great! Oooh, great progress on your Tendances! My swatch was way off, so I need to get new yarn. The worsted was too much I guess, so it's going to be just a bit before I get to it, but I've started another sweater (very simple pattern) in the mean time, just for fun.

  3. your blackberry is so beautiful! i want to make one now!!

  4. Go you, that's an awesome blackberry! I love your mods, and it's actually in a blackberryish colour - gorgeous! I think the extra ribbing looks really good too. It's really nice to see people knitting my pattern and it turning out so well :)

  5. Great work! And great modifications - your Blackberry looks sooo much better than the one shown with the pattern.

    I've been longing for a shrug to wear for some months now. I have the pattern for the Yesterknits circular shrug, and the patterns for the circular shrug AND the T version from craftster - along with a few variations of each. It has just been a matter of procrastination, you see.

    At least until I read your words "In true shrug style, it shows off ..." Aarrrgghh! (With Christmas coming my gut is just going to get bigger, and my posture is going to get worse.)

    So ... what would you say to passing your Blackberry on to others who are drawn to knitting shrugs but do not have the physique to wear them?
    I'm not just thinking about myself here - surely there are others.

    This could be like group therapy - sort of a KAL, but starting with an already knitted item.

  6. i must say that you are so talented! i can't even imagine knitting a piece of cloth much less that blackberry.

  7. Wear it with pride! Don't worry about your tummy!

  8. Your Blackberry looks so pretty, too bad you don't think you'll wear it. I didnt realize it was a shrug, I thought it was a big cardi (maybe I was trying to trick myself into thinking it was a sweater).
    Can't want to see your french sweaters!

  9. door = porte in french
    I like your style!