Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving's Over...You know what that means!

It's the official start of the "holiday season" (read as the overabundance of Christmas songs, lights, gadgets, scented things, bad sales, half-dead trees, cold weather, TRAFFIC, CROWDS, and allover CHAOS!!!). But, I'm happy as a clam.

I've got a ton of knitting projects started and planned for Christmas gifts...That means the only store I need to go to is the LYS!

Here's the stash I've amassed over the year so I don't have much to buy (I'm so proud! The balls and skeins are like my children or something...creepy, I know.)

Here's the list (with photos where appropriate!):

Mom: Lace Leaves Scarf from Fall VK
Brooks Farm Harmony
In stash/on needles

Furry: Irish Hiking Scarf (and hat?)
Inca Alpaca
In stash/on needles

SIL: Mousse Shawl (Although I'm not loving this pattern for this yarn - any other ideas for boucle yarn?)
Blue Ridge Handpainted Mohair Boucle
In stash - on needles

Dad: Ribbed or Cabled Hat
Uncle Nick: same idea
Dee: same again...damn I'm boring!
Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande
Most in stash...

Kestly: Reversible Winter Capelet
Rowan Polar
In stash
(You've seen this before!)

MIL: Updated hat to add a brim (from last year's Christmas!) and matching scarf (pattern tbd)
Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk
Need to buy 4-5 more balls

Jess: Something with Vesper? I love Vesper! I just ordered a 3rd skein from kpixie - in the knit and tonic colorway!

Dennis: Another Irish Hiking Scarf?
Inca Alpaca? Something heavier?
Need to buy.

In other news...I picked up these sweet treats from the store at Piddleloop! How awesome are they? All my knitted gifts will get a custom tag! I'm trying to figure out who to give the pouches to...I just *heart* them!


  1. wow! lots of good stuff over here. isn't that baby alpaca great!? anyways, send me an email so i can send you a blog invitation for the "knit too much" contest. my address is on the contest blog. thanks for playing! :)

  2. That is too funny. I made a big order Piddleloop as well in November. I made a little gift bag for my friend with a pouch and little accessories. Great stuff.