Monday, November 14, 2005

Home sick today

So I figured I'd catch up on some overdue blogging! My knottie friends got married this weekend! It's about time they can now become nesties!...We're so happy for them, but not as happy as we were eating mini cannolis...

In other news, I started the Lace Leaf Scarf for Mom. I feel guilty giving her this as a Christmas present since she bought the yarn herself at the NYS Sheep & Wool. It's Brooks Farm Harmony in browns that remind me of my hair...I'm sure nobody else sees it but me.

Here is the first repeat and a half with and without the flash - it's hard to see the pattern with the flash, but the color is truer than without.

Not much progress made on Colchique or Tendances. In fact, Tendances had it's first trip to the frog pond...never to return. Damn, I need a ball winder!

I'll leave you, my law abiding Jersey drivers, with this, your "Moment of Zen" with credit to the Barista:


  1. Nice blog. I just started getting into knitting myself. No where NEAR your skill tho! :) have a good one!

  2. ah jersey driving! i got totally lost in trenton two weeks ago. i should really stick to the subway ...

  3. Ooh, I love cannoli!! Especially the one in NY. I always buy a whole box of it when we drive up to NY to visit my fiance's parents.

    I love how your lace leaf scarf is turning out so far. Hmm, a possible christmas present...

  4. Hi Julsey, I am so so glad you updated your blog, I love reading it! But on that note, I must mention that the colour scheme (the purple bar part) is veeeerrrrry hard to read...

    As usual, your knitting looks fabo dahlin'...mmmm canolis! So jealous!!!

  5. Your Lace Leaf Scarf is turning out great. Love the color. Don't feel guilty since your mom bought the yarn. You're putting all the work into it. I'm sure she'll love it!

  6. nice canolis! i'm still trying to figure out knotties and nesties - engaged and married, right?