Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It's back! But not for long.

If there's any left, it's yours, if you want it :) Consider this your tip off...If you think you know what I mean (or are burning with curiosity), click here.

Edit: OMG, I have to have one of these! How cute are they?

Edit #2: They're gone...if you're looking now, you missed it. Vesper was around for a short time...I snagged one in tartan... Now, who's gonna teach me sock knitting???


  1. hah! so you have a growing sock stash, but no socks...a true addict!
    We still need to meet up, then I could teach you the magic of socks. ; )

  2. Check out socknitters.com if you haven't. Love the picture of Niblet further down :)

  3. Socks are awesome. Go to Lion Brand Yarn's website and search for the Basic Sock Pattern. It is really easy - a straight up sock with no surprises. You can learn right from the pattern - oh and I've done this one - no errors in the pattern and to errata page.

    Pics of my socks somewhere on my blog: http://trekcelt.blogspot.com