Monday, November 28, 2005

A new and exciting contest!

Keohinani started a contest called "You know you knit too much when"...Here's my entry (thought I'd share it with you all as well!) If you want to join, the contest ends 11/30!

You know you knit too much when you can sing the "12 Days of Christmas" to the knitting related items perpetually atop your coffee table (I really do live like this!):

12 plastic stitch markers
11 sheep gift tags
10 pieces of scrap yarn
9 patterns in the queue
8 balls of Noro
7 WIPs "on the needles"
6 Trendsetter labels
5 Clover circs
4 skeins of handpainted boucle
3 distracting items (subway drink, cell phone, Visine)
2 of DH's sock-ed feet*
and a calendar of the LYS's December activities!

*not handknit socks - he just came from the gym - I hope that's not a disqualifier!

In addition, I changed my mind for the gift for my SIL - she's getting a Crap-o-tee mini made of good ol Noro Kureyon 153. I love it - I want to keep it for myself! More WIP pics later...oh and I added the Reversible Winter Capelet pattern to my sidebar (all you craftsters know it as the "Anthropologie-inspired capelet". I changed the name, just in case :)

My oldest friend Debbie is PG, and I'm going to make a Grumpecue for her baby. Thanks for this great pattern revise, Grumperina! I ordered the hard-to-find Oat Couture Curlicue pattern from Angelika's Yarn Store. Once Deb has her BIG ultrasound, I can buy the correct colors of yarn to match the boy or girl bedding they've chosen.

Well, enough of this chatter. Back to holiday knitting!


  1. I love the Grumpecue, but that pattern frightens me. I'll be anxious to see how yours comes out though. And I am making a mini crap-o-tee for either my MIL or SIL. I haven't decided who will get it yet...

  2. so you are a great knitter, knitwear designer AND poet? some gals get all the talent! very cute.

  3. i dig the song, it almost sounds musical :) may your list win!