Saturday, February 11, 2006

Let the Games Begin!

Ok, a trite title...but appropriate. Here we are, just after midnight on day 1 of the [Knitting] Olympics! The opening ceremonies were just crazy...Yoko Ono? Why? Anyone else think this?...but Pavarotti...i heart him.

Here's my Angelica after 4 hours of not quite uninterrupted knitting, our wireless internet went down, but it's back up now. Also, Furry bought me my favorite sugary V-day treat, RED HOTS!!!

On a separate, yet knitting-related note, I got my replacement yarn for the Grumpecue, DB cotton cashmere. I know, babies + cashmere = WTF was I thinking? The ladies at the YS assured me it's machine washable, in cold water. Anyone else wash cotton/cashmere? Regardless, I couldn't pass up these vibrant colors...Gotta go to bed now, so I'm rested for a long weekend of knitting! Since we're getting 6-12 inches of snow tomorrow night, we plan to stay home and cuddle knit...nauseating, huh?


  1. Lovely yarns.. the colours gets the feeling of spring ;)

  2. Yoko Ono? Why?

    Yes, I thought that. I understand the sentiment, but she felt out of place in the ceremonies, like an abrupt stop.

    I've only gotten five rows done of my Olympics project.

  3. i wish i had that much progress!!!

    DB cotton cashmere can definitely be machine washed in cold. i made the glampyre tubular camisole out of it and it's held up nicely in the washing machine.

  4. I made a cardigan out of DB Cotton Cashmere and it really feels more like cotton than cashmere. In fact, I have doubts about the cashmere contents at all... I think it would be fine for a baby blanket.

  5. oh, i plan to stay in and knit all day tomorrow. i bought some way, the ingredients for stew and an arrested development dvd. hurrah!

  6. I love the color of your angelica, I have no idea about Cotton Cashmere (but it sounds crazy) I am sure you can hangle it :) I also love red heart cinnamon candy.

    MMMmmmm share wont you?


  7. Love your Angelica.
    Pavarotti was an inspired choice for opening ceremonies, and I understand that Andrea Bocceli is slated for closing ceremonies.
    what I didnt get even more than Yoko Ono was Peter Gabriel. "WTF?"
    Have fun knitting

  8. Angelica is coming along fast! Nothing like some competition to really drive the knitting. I can't wait to see what she looks like after the snow. No experience with the DB cashmere, but the colors rock!

  9. ohh I can't wait to see how much of the Angelina you got done during this insane storm...I'm amazed that you will be knitting this in 16 days...go you...*cheer cheer*