Sunday, February 05, 2006

Time to think and plan

Ahhh. Sunday morning. Not a Lazy Sunday, though mr. pibb and red vines = crazy delicious! We're having a bunch of hungry football fans over at 6pm...Tons of cleaning to do!

Just wanted to document some knitting plans...since I haven't been actually knitting, no real progress to document.

1. Jaywalkers - I finished one. I'm 3 inches into the second. But, I have to finish this pair of socks before the Olympics start so I can dedicate the entire 16 days to Angelica.

2. Angelica - I started this sweater a while ago. I know, I know - if I started it, then I can't knit it in the Olympics. But HA! My loophole. I frogged the WHOLE THING. I started it on 7s, because my gague on 8s (although spot on) looked too open. Well, on 7's it was wayyyy too small. So, I consider the 5 inches I frogged my "training". I think the Yarn Harlot would approve. Oh, and I'm joining TEAM SPIDERS!
3. Grumpecue - I started this beach-ball-baby-blanket for my friend Deb. Her shower is Mar 26. I think after completing the other 2 projects first, I will have time! This one, also, has been started...and will be frogged. I bought Lion Brand Baby Soft...and I HATE, HATE, HATE it...the dark blue was great, but once I switched to the yellow, the fabric started to streeeetttccch...I looked at the two (monstrous, cheap) balls, and noticed the yellow is just a wee bit thinner than the blue. WTF???? So, off to buy some Baby Ull to complete the project.

4. Jess's Gloves! AAAAAHHHH...The Christmas Present Gone Awry. Sorry Jess, I will get to them. I promise. They're (it's) nice and soft. They're (it's) Vesper.

5. My precious Phildar maybe next winter. Sigh

6. Best Friend...still calling to me, with that ball of $55 Cashmere in a box under my bed and all. update the sidebar! Sheesh. this blogging is hard work!


  1. Wish I were having a lazy Sunday. Have to search for yarn and beads to make odessa, then going to wok. I'm going to miss the superbowl!

  2. holy crap! I can finally get to your blog! you'll have that sock finished in no time and then Ill be cheering you on for the olympics!!

  3. Oh, I love Angelica! Can't wait to see that ;)

  4. Hope the party went well! And I definitely think your sweater is a legitimate entry in the olympics.

  5. baker's dozen...crazy delicious, yo! :)
    i've always wondered what it would feel like to have a $55 ball of cashmere calling me from under my bed.
    i may just find out...if i have $55 to spare somewhere... ;P