Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Peony loves Orchids

Furry was a sweetheart on V. Day. He bought me orchids (because Peony hates roses). So I played with the camera...
Displayed in the Waterford vase we got as a shower gift...I would never have registered for it, but it works.

Some of you would call this technique "macro mode", but my camera has a little flower icon...and i pushed the here is a closeup. (I'm not THAT tech savvy...)

And then got a bit carried away...

Oh, and no progress on Angelica, but ake a look at the sidebar and feed and love the llama (LTL!)

Also - please tell me if you can read the Olympic's really fugly on my screen, and I can't figure out how to change the color of the text.


  1. Beautiful flowers! My boyfriend always gives me tulips.

    Your sidebar turned all crazy and went to the bottom. I don't see the countdown.

  2. Beautiful flowers, I love orchids. I can't see the countdown thingy in your sidebar. Cool idea!

  3. Beautiful orchids!
    Yeah, your sidebar is at the bottom in Firefox. The countdown is in white on a yellow background, very difficult to read.

  4. yeah, you got so crazy stuff going on with your site in firefox. it might be a good time to clean out the sidebar and get rid of code in there that's messing up your template.

  5. Your tech skillz sound a lot like mine! Sadly, I just checked out "the Idiot's Guide to Creating a Web Pate" from the library.

  6. No countdown showing up for me either. And I can't see the llama. Good luck fixing it!

    Nice that Furry ochid-ed you. Way to go!

  7. I love orchids too! They are so pretty!