Wednesday, April 05, 2006

2006 Knitalongs

Since there are still no worthwile pictures to post of any sort of progress, I thought I'd list the KAL's I joined! Thanks to Xavier Knits who updates the KAL blog!

Knitty's Pomatomus (I even cast on for this with my lovely Sundara superwash!)
Ferragamo Knit Bag (Craftster)
Sexy Knitters Club (duhhhhh!)
Knitty's Starsky (Yahoo Group)
Eunny's Deep V Argyle Vestalong (not on her list...but it should be!)

I catch up on my reading, but I've been a really lax post-er...with no knitting knews :(

Oh...OFF TOPIC! Does anyone who has a REAL blog belong to Myspace? Anyone over 21? Just curious - I have some friends who joined and want to know if it's possible to find someone other than college binge drinking frat boys to chat with...


  1. lol. i have some friends that are on myspace...and they are addicted. from what i understand...for the majority of the myspace's all jr high kids w/ annoying music playing as you get to their myspace page. LOL

  2. I'm on myspace and over 21. I joined because my sister who is still in college had me join. I don't really use it much, but I have some friends who do. It's mostly people posting comments to you about things that I probably would have written an email about and, as purse_ho said, lots of annoying music when the page loads. Most of the time I completly forget I am registered, so I'm pretty much neutral on it, but if there's someone from your past you want to look up, chances are pretty good they're on it.

  3. p.s. I love the cotton cashmere colors from your stash photo, they are devine. I want to eat them up like a sorbet.

  4. I'm on myspace but I hate it. I find it freakin annoying. Am I going to see you tomorrow? I hope so :)

  5. Question, how is the Sundara? I keep hearing good things, I think I want to try it out... I'm on facebook and not myspace, but I have a bunch of friends on myspace. It seems to be a bunch of emo kids, so I dunno how much help that is : )