Thursday, April 27, 2006

There's a hole in my jaywalker...

...probably because I wear them every night to bed...

Good think knitty posted this tutorial for repairs.

I joined this KAL today (clickety)...

I'm excited to share and have one-derful yarn shared with me :)

Oh! and to my dear April Postcard Pal...I'm almost done! It should be in the mail tomorrow!


  1. I started wearing socks to bed once I started knitting them :)

  2. i joined the one skein secret pal thing too. :)

  3. I joined the one skein exchange too. How many people do you think will end up with cupckaes? ; D

  4. I joined the one skein too! You should get your postcard this week. Hey, are you still going to the MD S&W?