Saturday, April 01, 2006

Will the real stash please stand up?

Left to right, top to bottom.
(For larger sized photos, here is my Flickr photoset)

1. All the crap barely fit to post - acrylic baby yarn, etc
2. My vice - SOCK YARN!!! Vesper, Brooklyn Handspun, Sundara. Also in this photo...the coveted way too expensive Joseph Galler Pashmina.
3. Balls. Just Balls. Most of them left over from previous projects.
4. Rowan 4-ply cotton for Orangina, some cheap cotton and 4 skeins of KP Dye your own... enough for Starsky? (I may not even dye them!)
5. KP Merino Style for Eunny's Vest...still waiting for my asparagus...
6. Noro Silk Garden 205 (i think) for Lady E
7. Sundara was so nice I had to flash it twice!
8. DB Baby Cash...I bought it for Marilyn's NSS Cardi, and I think I'm gonna frog it for Green Gable. (I already got the pattern!)
9. Goddess Isabella for Colchique... will I ever get to her?
10. Skeins. Some old, some new...some left over...some blue!
11. Cashmere blend from frogged poncho...use? who knows!
12. DB Cotton cashmere...for Grumpecue, still WIP! ARGH!

It looks like I haven't done any knitting since Christmas...I stink. All I have done was successfully purchased sock yarn. Use it? NO! it looks prettier all skeined up and in a box.

Spring is coming, so the list is now (in this order):
- Finish Grumpecue. It is taking forever! Mail to Deb, since it won't get to her 2nd shower tomorrow.
- Finish orangina (April's pattern for SKC)
- Eunny's Vest
- Green Gable
- Starsky
- Yeah, and those gloves...haha!


  1. Nice stash. I hope the title of your post doesn't mean that you're an Enimen fan;). I like the April fools prank, I never get to pull them.

  2. wow! all that vesper sock yarn!! i can never get any when it goes on sale. it disappears so quick :(

  3. she's flashin!
    all bets are off once you close on that house. Then When will we see gloves? hmmmm?
    and isn't there a Tendances in there somewhere?

  4. It's great that you have plans for all the yarns in your stash - I wish I could be so organized!

  5. Oh, I love your stash photos! They look very nice! I must be in the dark, I've never heard of Vesper sock yarn, I'll have to check that out!

  6. purdy! thanks for flashing us :)

  7. WOW. That's a beautiful landscape you have there. Do you ever sit and just stare at it?

  8. Wow - that's some serious sock stash!

    Mine's here